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“ You can study government and politics in school, but the best way to really understand the process is to volunteer your time. ”

~ Rob McKenna


Welcome to Richard Button for NC House!

I am the conservative candidate willing to serve you in the State Legislature by protecting your constitutional rights while supporting families, encouraging job growth, and keeping government small & transparent. I believe in fiscal responsibility and I am dedicated to working policies that keep personal and business taxes low while also encouraging new economic development and energy exploration. 
Richard Button

Meet Richard

My political views are inseparable from who I am. I grew up with the support of two loving parents in a family of seven, and was always taught that achievement requires hard work and dedication. I modeled my personal and family life from my home experiences.


Learn More About Richard

I invite you to watch this video and look through the rest of this site to find out why I believe I am a good choice for conservative voters who want to take control of their lives again! Please share this video with all of your friends and post it on your FaceBook Page. Thank you for your Support!